imma mom now. ur a mom now.

You get a new idea. And you think maybe it’s a really good idea, and you think maybe it will make life enjoyable and fun. So, for–oh I don’t know–seven straight hours you think about the idea and you nurture the idea and you fantasize about how to make this idea come to life. The more you think about it the more you are able to affirm for yourself, “Yep! This is a great idea.”

Well then you think you’re ready to take the first step, and maybe that part feels a little easy. But then you try to work on the second and third and fourth step, and whoa! All of a sudden you’re super overwhelmed. Just like that, this great idea now feels like a tornado, and you wonder if you can actually follow through.

Here’s a more specific example.

Four years ago my husband and I had a great idea. “Let’s have a baby! It will be enjoyable and fun, and we will love this baby so much. We will sit on the floor and play and laugh and our life will have so much meaning!”

Ahh, the blissful ignorance.

So we thought the first step would be easy. Just have sex and pee on a stick, right?

Of course it can be as easy as that, but sometimes pregnancy doesn’t come right away, and you have to think about a whole bunch of other things. You have to plan everything out. Download apps. Follow a calendar. Take ovulation tests. Track symptoms. Take your temperature. Pay attention to mucus. Go to the doctor.

Emotional. Tornado.

But finally. After a little bit of work, pregnancy comes and, yay! Now all you have to do is sit back and let that baby grow…right?

Nope. Because then comes of a whole list of other steps. You have to remember to take your prenatal vitamins. Try to keep it a secret (this is annoys me, but whatever). Give up alcohol, deli meat, sushi, certain medications, blah, blah, blah. Tornado.

And of course now that you’re pregnant you’re all worried about staying pregnant. Or you’re worried about being too sick to go to work. Or you’re worried about how you’re going to afford a wardrobe of maternity clothes. Or you’re worried about whether or not you and your husband are even gonna make it because he keeps coughing during the best parts of your favorite show. Tor-na-do.

Then you’re worried about labor. Then labor happens and you’re worried about taking the baby home. Then you take the baby home and you wonder how you will function without sleeping. Then you wonder why you have all these newborn clothes for, like, formal occasions when you’ve just realized you’re never going to get to leave the house for at least three years.

Tornado. Tornado. Tornado.

Yes, the second you become a parent is pure magic. But like everything else in life, this magic is paired with so much worry and questioning and feelings of inadequacy.

And at the end of the day we just want to do right by our kids, our spouses, and–oh yeah!–ourselves. So that brings me back to having this other idea.

I’ve come up with this blog (duh). And I’ve made it with all of you moms in mind who might be wondering (maybe even worrying?) about the newest, trendiest, and–my personal favorite–most reasonable baby/kid/family items. There’s all that baby gear, and all those sleeping books, meditation apps, subscription boxes, life hacks, health and beauty products, etc. that claim will make motherhood easier and more enjoyable. But are they worth it?

Maybe you’ve seen something and you’ve asked yourself, “Should I try that or will it be a waste? I mean it seems like a good idea. Oh, forget it, I’m too tired to decide.

I get it, because that’s me too. So, here. I’ll try it for you and I will give you my honest to goodness feedback. Maybe you’ll find something you want to try or maybe you will decide to steer clear. The goal is to just make things easier. Because hey, you have enough to worry about.

Ur a mom now.

Note: If you have anything in particular you want to see a review for, shoot me an email at, and I’ll see what I can do! xoxo

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