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Why are some men so hard to shop for? I mean most of the men in my life are pretty straight forward and always appreciative of most anything they get. So you wouldn’t think it would be that hard. But low and behold, every year I’m stumped when it comes to picking out their gifts. If this sounds like you too, well, maybe this little list will help.

Gifts from $20-$40

The Handleband: This is cool because it allows your smart phone to attach easily to the handlebars of your bike, making it easy to listen to music, a podcast, or whatever else people listen to. It works great if you are using your GPS, too. If you also use your phone for grocery lists, it can easily strap on to the grocery cart so you can be hands free.


Smoker Box for BBQ: Allow him to unlock his inner grill master, and add that delicious smoke flavor to any grilled meal. Add smoker chips to this smoker box, placed on top of the grates of an ordinary gas or charcoal grill, and transform it into a smoker that will give you enhanced flavors in your meats, veggies, nuts, and cheeses.


Cordless Trimmer: This is such an essential gadget, and sometimes the guys in our lives forget to replenish.  With this set he will be able to use it for many different reasons: beard, head, chest hair, neck hair, whatever hair he wants to trim, buzz, or shave!


T-Shirt Subscription: If you know a guy who loves funny graphic tees from TV shows, movies, and so forth, check out this site. There are a lot to choose from, and you can even sign him up for a T-shirt of the Month Club. The subscription is easy to sign up for, easy to cancel, and he can opt out of any t-shirt if he doesn’t particularly like it. I got a kick out of this one pictured below (Seinfeld fans, anyone?). The subscription is about $18/month and most of the t-shirts by themselves are $15-$20.


Stainless Steel Ice Cubes  If you know someone (male or female!) who likes to come home at the end of the day and enjoy a little night-cap, then these are pretty essential. Ice balls were, and still are, really popular. But these bad boys are awesome because they don’t melt, they are BPA Free, and they will keep your drink colder much longer! Shhh! I may be getting these for my guy.


Now I Know Book Ok, I try to stay away from heavy stereotypes, but I’m just gonna go for it here. Guys like to know it all, don’t they? So if you know of one who really relishes in knowing random facts of the world (such as why there was a British ban on clapping), this book is a great gift. It would be great to keep in the bathroom or to be used as a coffee table book!


S.O.L. Survival Tool  This hand held gadget is is packed with tons of helpful little tools all in one. It includes a waterproof case, fire starters, 150-pound-tested braided nylon cord, stainless steel wire, an emergency sewing kit, and an emergency fishing kit. THEN! Flip it over and you will find a Fire Light sparker, a removable compass, and a pocket knife. He will be ready for anything! There is also a Rescue Flash signal that can be seen up to 20 miles away, and a whistle that can be heard up to one mile away. It’s easy to carry and super lightweight. Perfect for any outdoor excursion.


Hot Sauce Gift Set If your guy loves to try out hot sauce, this is a great gift set. These have been reviewed as having a lot of heat and still excellent flavor! These each have different variabilities of hot-ness, so there should be something for anyone who likes a little extra kick.


The Discovery Game I love how someone else described this: “A tool for your [relationship] that feels like a toy!” Sounds fun though, right? It is also described as something for that couple who feels like they’ve “fallen out of love”. And c’mon, if you have kids you KNOW this feeling. Hell, even if you don’t have kids and you’ve been together for more than a few years you probably know this feeling.


Gifts from $50-$100

Mr. Beer Brewing Kit This kit is perfect for any level of beer master. So even if the fella in your life has never even attempted to make his own beer, but you think he would love to, well this is the perfect starter kit.


Virtual Reality Glasses An hour ago, I knew nothing about how to pick VR glasses (who knew there were SO many choices?). But I just watched a 12 minute YouTube video for YOU, and now I know it all (and I’m also cool enough to refer to them as VR glasses now). Okay, so the story on this set is that the quality is really good (not a lot of cheap plastic parts), you can use ANY smartphone to connect through the lens (not all sets offer that!), and there is good ventilation (which is also something that is apparently super important in the VR world). There was soooo much information on these that I’m not going to spew at you here, but you can read more of the details on the Amazon link if you think this would be a good gift.


Golf Shot Tracker From the tee to the green, this little gadget will help him improve his game! And what golfer do you know who doesn’t want to improve his game?! This thing helps you know how far you’ve hit it, if you selected the right club, fairway accuracy, putts per hole and tons more. Wear it on your belt and get all the stats sent to your smart phone, tablet, or computer! There is also a newer version of this that retails for $145.00 that you can find here.


Handkerchiefs Gift Box Set Handkerchiefs are COMING BACK! Well, did they ever really go away? I know men who never let them go. But they are becoming one of the more trendy items for guys and this company has some great looking patterns. There are seriously tons to choose from. And they add just the right touch to a great suit.


Lithium-Ion Drill and Project Kit This is the kit to get if you need to start growing your tool collection. If you’ve just purchased your own home and you’ve been slung into the world of DIY, you need to have some good tools. This kit offers a Lithium drill (that includes a Lithium ion battery that will hold charge for 18 months as well as a clutch that prevents stripping or overdriving screws), 68 hand tools and accessories, and a carrying bag for storage and portability.


AllBirds Shoes If you haven’t heard of these yet, you gotta check ’em out. They are made of WOOL, they are super lightweight, and they can be dressed up or dressed down. My husband just bought a pair of these and he LOOOOOVES them. They have various colors for men, women, AND kids! I’m actually going to be adding these to my own list. And FYI, they are true to size!


Novel Duffel I love this duffel. It comes in a ton of colors and holds enough for a long weekend. My favorite part is definitely that shoe compartment. This is a good company too, and their products are reasonably priced! Plenty of options for men and women!



Gifts $100 and Over

MVMT Watches These watches!!! I could probably pick out 30 at a time. They are so sleek and so versatile that they can be worn as an accessory with a suit or worn casually with jeans. There are so many styles and so many of them retail on the lower end of $100. That is such a good deal for a watch that is well made AND stylish.


Messenger Bag I actually got this exact bag for my husband a few years ago. He still gets SO many compliments on it. It’s durable and has a ton of space for his laptop and notebooks and all that good stuff. This is a great company too, and they make great, quality stuff.


Birchbox Man Subscription Box  I’m putting this in the $100+ section, but you can actually do a shorter subscription and pay less ($30 for 3 months, $60 for 6 months!). Again, I gifted this to my husband for his birthday this year, and it has been the gift that keeps on giving. Each box comes with awesome toiletry items that I know he would never buy for himself (cologne samples, lotions, face washes, hair products, etc.). In addition to toiletry items, he also gets one larger item (accessory, item of clothing, or a gadget). Just this month he got this great breathable shirt, and another month he got a small bluetooth speaker. He loves it!


Beer of the Month: Aaaaand once again, I’m going off my own personal experience with this gift idea. A couple years ago I gifted my husband (ok, his name is Scott [Scotty] so I’m just gonna call him Scotty now) with a six month subscription to the beer of the month club. Each month he would get new 12 beers with four different beer styles. There are different options for the types of beer, such as beer from U.S. microbreweries, international variety beers, or rare beers (for the extreme beer lover). I personally got him the U.S. microbrewery beers to stay on the safe side. He’s kind of a fun-fact nerd so he really liked reading about where the beers were made, how they were made, and special info about each beer.


True Wireless Earbuds The big headphones that go over your ears are great and super comfortable. But if you’re working out, or doing something active, they aren’t always practical. These wireless earbuds include the noise reduction feature (which makes such a big difference), synch through bluetooth, and are easy to charge. So no more pulling out your ear bud when your hand gets caught up in that cord (surely I’m not the only one who does that??).


Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Okay, when I first saw this, I couldn’t help but laugh. But then I started reading about it and it sounds SO COOL. Scotty hates the idea of having to maintain a hot tub all the time. It takes a lot of time, and that’s something he just doesn’t have. But hot tubs are fun and a great way to sit outside during the winter (after a few drinks, probably). So with this, you can enjoy the perks of a hot tub WITHOUT all the crazy year-round maintenance. Just blow it up, fill it up, and enjoy. It comes with a rapid-heating system and water filtration. It even MASSAGES! It’s been reviewed as being super durable and comfortable.


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