Look At Mommy!

I love taking pictures of my kids, but there’s only one problem. My kids don’t like me taking their picture. That quick millisecond when I pull out my phone to take what could quite possibly be the greatest picture of all time, my almost-four-year-old turns into a dancing machine who closes his eyes, sticks out his tongue, and encourages the baby to do the same. Pretty much just like this.


Even though this is pretty cute, what he was doing about 15 seconds earlier was actually cuter. Not to mention I already have a ton pictures basically just like this.

Or I have pictures like this where he won’t even look at me. For all you know, that’s not even my kid.


Because this struggle is so, so real, I was pretty intrigued to hear about this little thing, brilliantly and conveniently called, “Look at Mommy.”



That cute fuzzy little face clips right on to your phone (any phone). So, it captures your kids’ attention AND there are three different lighting settings to help soften the picture a bit (because you know those phone flashes totally ruin pictures).

When I got mine in the mail, I just wanted to see how it worked. The pictures I took were nothing fancy, just the baby sitting on the kitchen floor right before bed. No big set up, no available natural lighting since it was already dark outside, and no filters. But the difference is crazy. And this was my first take.

Okay, okay. So this next picture I totally set up. I was still playing around with the “Look at Mommy” gadget, and I really just wanted to see the difference in the lighting. But the winning part? When I told Gray to look at me and smile, he actually did it! He gave me a weird look at first (not pictured), but when I said, “Hey, smile at this little guy with blue hair,” it worked!

Pretty great, right?

To be able to quickly snap a picture that is actually worth keeping and then get back to soaking up the memory itself, well, that’s pretty important, don’t ya think? Of course it is. Because hey…

Ur a Mom Now. 

Want one for your little bundle of joy? Check out their website here.  


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