The Moonlite Story Projector

Does anybody else dread the bed time process? I mean I love it when my four year old is actually in bed, and I love it when he finally drifts off to sleep. But that 30 minutes before  when there’s all the whining and the bargaining, and the negotiating, well, that can send me right on over to Angry Mommyville. And I hate it there.

But this, you guys. This fun way of reading stories at night has made such a difference. Maybe that’s because I get excited about reading these stories just as much as he does.

Meet the Moonlite Story Projector! Applause! Applause! Applause!

How does it work?

You take the magnifier, clip it on to your smart phone (you use the Moonlite App to select the exact make and model of your phone so that it can tell you exactly how to clip it on over your phone’s flashlight),  insert one of the reels, and voila!

What do I love about it?

  • If you project the stories on the ceiling, with the lights already out, it helps with the wind down process. And anything that helps with that is a bonus, amiright?
  • There’s an option to play fun music and use sound effects to make it extra engaging and fun (perfect for forts!).
  • It brings on the best snuggles because you’re not trying to balance tucking your kiddo under your arm, holding a book, and turning the pages.
  • There are tons of options for books!
  • It’s a really good bribing tool.
    • “Who wants to read a book on the ceiling?”
    • “Me! Me! Me!”
    • “Okay, then go put on your pajamas and brush your teeth.”
    • “Yayyy! Let’s do it!”

Okay, I can’t guarantee those results, but hey, it could happen!

Want to snatch up one of your own? Click right here.


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