Our Best & Worst Parenting Moments (Part 6)

This is quickly becoming my favorite part of the week. And as always, THANK YOU to everyone who shares and keeps the fun going. This weekly series would be nothing without you. XOXO!

Our Best:

I was getting the baby ready for bed, and my 4 year old son came in and said, “Mommy, can I rock the baby to sleep?” It was pretty darn precious.

We were driving, and it was pouring rain. There was a dog walking on the side of the road, and my 6 year old said, “Mama, can we bring that dog to our house so he can be warm?” The tired mom in me just wanted to keep driving, but my son seemed so worried, and I didn’t want to smash that. I told him we couldn’t bring him home, but we could take him somewhere safe. So I loaded up this old wet dog in my van, and we took him to the closest animal hospital. Obviously, my son wants a dog now, but that’s a different conversation.

My 4 year old daughter walked up to me and asked, “Mommy, what do I look like on the inside?” Excitedly I said, “Let’s go find out!” I took her to the library and we checked out a bunch of books on the human body. She’s fascinated with it now.

I had my third baby just a few weeks ago, and I didn’t cry uncontrollably ALL WEEK. That’s a big win, don’t ya think?

I introduced Mary Poppins to my kids this week, and they LOVED it. It was one of my favorites growing up so I was so excited about it. And they didn’t even get annoyed that I sang almost every song and recited a lot of the lines. They thought it was actually kinda funny.


Our Worst:

I had put a couple lemon wedges in my water bottle. The water bottle ended up getting placed somewhere upstairs and forgotten about. About a week later, I found it and mold had grown all up in it. So gross. I put it on the bannister to remember to take it downstairs. Except I’m really bad at remembering to take things downstairs, even when they’re placed in clear eyesight. Later that night, my 3 year old found the water bottle and almost drank the whole thing. He stopped when he realized how nasty it was, but I’m pretty sure he drank a mold chunk. I had to call poison control to make sure I hadn’t ruined my child.

My middle child was on the toilet, went poop, then went upstairs to get clothes. All of a sudden I see him running for the toilet and screaming. Then I hear my oldest start screaming. I guess my middle child was at his closet, had diarrhea, and then pooped NASTY poop all the way to the bathroom. He had pooped all over his room, my oldest had stepped in it, and the baby had rolled in it. Hence why I’m drinking.

My 4 year old daughter got a splinter in her hand, and I was trying to pull it out. She kept pulling her hand away, and was refusing to let me look at it. For a while I took the approach of just leaving it alone, knowing that it would eventually work itself out. But she kept complaining about how it was hurting. I was tired of hearing about it so I told her if she didn’t let me take it out, it would get infected and we would have to take her to the hospital, where the doctor was going to cut off her hand. After that, not only did she still have the splinter but she became hysterical.

So, uh, I accidentally poured caramel coffee creamer in my son’s cereal. I didn’t even notice until he said, “Mommy, this tastes like cake.” There’s a pretty good chance he’ll never eat cereal the normal way again.

My 3 year old has always been terrified of bees. One will fly past his head and he’ll just freak out. I would always try and tell him that the bees won’t hurt us if we don’t hurt them, and not to be afraid, blah, blah, blah. Well, yesterday he got stung. As if that wasn’t bad enough for his fear it also turns out he’s highly allergic. Sooo, we spent the afternoon in the hospital. He just kept saying over and over, “You said bees wouldn’t hurt me.”

We had gone out to dinner with some friends, and invited them to come back to our house for drinks (knowing the kids would already be in bed). After the babysitter left, we were standing in the kitchen drinking a glass of wine, and my friend mentioned that she and her husband were thinking about a third baby. I was telling her how hard baby #3 was for me. I even said that we never wanted to have three, and that my daughter was actually a pretty big surprise. As I’m saying all that my daughter walked into the kitchen and asked for water. I took her back to her bed, thinking that she may not have heard me, but right as I was leaving her room she said, “You didn’t want three kids?” I wanted to throw up I felt so bad.

I had a bowl of brownie batter for lunch and then noticed the baby was eating macaroni off the floor. We haven’t had macaroni in like a week so I’ll accept my parenting award any time now.

Conversation with my 7 year old:

“Mommy, what are you doing?”

“I’m making dinner.”

Looks around.

“But you’re not drinking wine.”

I thought the laundry basket of dirty clothes was actually clean clothes. So I folded them and put them in my kids’ rooms. Well, my son (5) had had an accident in one of the pairs of pants. Yes, the pee had dried and no, I didn’t notice when I was folding them. As luck would have it, those are the pants he picked to wear to school the next day. I was sitting with him on the couch and I just kept saying, “What smells like pee?” It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. I asked him, “Did you not notice that your pants smelled like pee?” His response: “Uh, no.” Clearly we all need some lessons in hygiene.

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