10 Podcasts You Need in Your Life Right Now

I used to laugh when people would ask me if I’d heard some new podcast. I guess I laughed because I had two really big misconceptions, which I’m learning wasn’t really fair for the podcasts. They just want to make people happy. But this is what I thought:

  1. Regular podcast-listening is for cool, hip millennials.
  2. I don’t have a lot time, and I don’t have to commute. But even if I found the time, the things I would want to listen to probably wouldn’t be appropriate for those little people hanging on to me 95% of my day. 

Okay, so real quick. Let’s address these misconceptions.

Starting with #1, do people even say cool and hip anymore? See? I don’t even know. But that’s because I feel out of the loop. Dated. Not with the times. I mean, I’m a mom. I stare longingly at new minivans. My clothes are more comfortable than stylish, and the term “mom jeans” was coined for people like me. It takes me at least a week to remember that I do still shave my legs, and there are plenty of days when I may or may not be wearing deodorant. Or a bra.

But that’s okayyyy. Podcasts can be for anybody, not just the cool kids. And once you find something that you enjoy listening to, something that makes you think or laugh or escape your world, then it’s actually quite entertaining and joyful.

Moving on to misconception #2, it’s true that I don’t have a lot of time (who does, right?). But for the sake of this blog post, I spent a significant amount of time listening to podcasts so I could give my true and honest opinion on the ones I really liked. And most of them weren’t kid-friendly. Because kid-friendly entertainment is pretty much the worst. My point is, anything is possible if you just believe.

Now let’s get to the good part. The podcasts. My main criteria for selecting was that the podcast had to capture my attention within 15 minutes of listening (after all the required sponsorship mumbo jumbo). If it didn’t I moved on. Here are my faves.

10 Podcasts You’ll Love (in no particular order…)

  1. Heavyweight: This one is so great. It’s uplifting, honest, real, and super entertaining.  The main dude, Jonathan Goldstein, connects with people from all over and talks to them about their moments of “things that might have been.”  He joins people on road trips, organizes long overdue reunions, and facilitates those difficult conversations that people wanted to have, but just never did. He helps people find closure and peace of mind with all different life situations. Or at least that’s the goal, but of course things don’t always go as planned.
  2. Rad Parenting: Anea Bogue is a self-esteem expert. Joe Sib is a comedian. Both are parents. This podcast is incredibly thought-provoking, funny, and helpful in navigating some of the hardest parts of being a parent. Seriously, it’s so good people should be required to listen to it as soon as they become parents.
  3. Arm Chair Expert: Two words. Dax Shepard. Who doesn’t love Dax Shepard? He’s funny, he’s charming, and he’s married to Kristen Bell (who is basically my woman crush). He talks to people (famous people, mainly) about their life stories. It’s super real and entertaining. You’ll love it, I swear.
  4. UnFictional: These are true stories about chance encounters that changed the world. They’re fairly short, and incredibly captivating. I got so lost in some of these episodes that a meteor could have hit my house and I wouldn’t have noticed.
  5. Missing Richard Simmons: This one sucked me in within the first 30 seconds. Dan Taberski is a filmmaker and friend to Richard Simmons. When Simmons disappeared, Dan went looking for him. This podcast goes through his search, and with every twist and turn things get a little strange. Richard Simmons proves to be so much more complex than just a silly, flamboyant exercise guy. He’s an intense guy with a pretty intense life story, and you’ll want to binge listen right away.
  6. The Gender Knot: Hands down, one of my favorites on the list. And not because I’m a raging feminist who loves to talk about gender stuff, but because it’s one of those things when you listen you say out loud (even though no one is around), “Oh my gosh! That is SO true!” And then you laugh at how true it is. The hosts (a man and a woman) untangle all the masculine and feminine traits of the modern day. They argue with each other, joke with each other, and have an incredible chemistry. You’ll walk away feeling like you understand gender differences a little bit better.
  7.  HANNAHLYZE THIS: The hosts are best friends, and you can tell. They’re hilarious and they laugh a ton (which makes you want to laugh right along with them). It’s technically a “self-help” podcast, but what’s so great about it is they talk about their attempts at trying out all the trendy wellness and self-help fads that you hear about these days (i.e. gratitude journals and soul cleansing). They give honest, no bullshit feedback, and they’re hilarious. Did I say that already? Well, let me just say it one more time. They’re HI-LAR-IOUS.
  8. Dear Franklin Jones: This is a new one, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Jonathan Hirsch talks about his family’s biggest secret: they were followers of the controversial spiritual cult leader Franklin Jones. Jonathan is going back to find out what really happened. This should be a good one with probably some messed up ish. Which is, like, my favorite.
  9. Punch Up the Jam: These good friends take songs we love, songs we hate, and songs we love to hate and critique the hell out of them. They pick apart the lyrics, talk about the meanings behind the songs, and all in all just have a damn good time. Then at the end they humorously change the song to make it better. It’s such a fun listen, and they will have you cracking up!
  10. Hella in Your Thirties: This is a new one! Nick Casalini and Muriel Montgomery are comedians who married each other, and they poke fun at and explore what life looks like when you’re in your thirties. They explore new and old, joyful and terrible ways of having the best life as a thirty-something adult. They’re funny and really enjoyable to listen to.


So, the next chance you get, pour yourself a glass of wine, run yourself a hot bath, and turn on a podcast. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, and no one needs to unwind more than you.

Ur a Mom Now. 

What are some of your favorites that I left off the list? Send them along, I would love to check ’em out! 

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