The Most Perfect Invitations for Your Most Important Events

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I think we need to stop sending e-vites. Here’s why.

Several months ago, I pulled a huge pile of mail out of our mailbox and plopped it on the kitchen counter. This adorable pink envelope was peaking out from the mountain of catalogs, bills, and junk mail. I pulled it out right away and saw that it was addressed to Gray (my almost four year old).

“Gray! This is for you!”

He ran into the kitchen and excitedly snatched the pink envelope from my hands and started opening it up. Inside was the most adorable birthday party invitation from his new friend, Charlotte. He couldn’t read the words, obviously, but her sweet picture was on the front and he knew it was from her.

“Oh awesome, Gray! An invitation to Charlotte’s birthday!”

He started jumping up and down saying, “A party! A party!”

We put the invitation on the fridge and every day he asked, “Is today Charlotte’s birthday party?”

I had forgotten how exciting it was for a child to receive mail. And even my own immediate reaction to go for the pretty pink envelope just goes to show how exciting it can also be for adults when we receive something that isn’t just someone asking for money.

Last year for Gray’s birthday I did the e-vite thing, and yes, it was fast and it was easy. But where was the magic in that? Where was the moment when those kids got to jump up and down and rip open their personalized mail? We can be so focused on getting things done quickly that we forget about the joyous moments that are eliminated with a little convenience.

After seeing Gray’s face when he received Charlotte’s invitation, I decided that for his birthday I would order actual hold-it-in-your-hands-watch-your-kids-jump-up-and-down-invitations from Basic Invite. But ya wanna hear something awesome? It was still super easy and still super convenient.

Now for the good part. It may also be the part where I sound a little sales-pitchy, but seriously, you guys, I mean every word.

What Sets Basic Invite Apart?

The customization is beyond awesome. I’d say it’s better than anyone else. Imagine there’s a super unique color scheme that you have in mind. Chances are Basic Invite will not only have your colors, but each little element of the invitation allows you to choose from their endless color options. For someone who is definitely not a design whiz, it was so incredibly easy to change each and every little detail of Gray’s invitation to look just the way I wanted it. I could see the changes instantly, too. I couldn’t find this with any other company, which was exciting (and also really fun!)

Here’s another cool thing. Have you ever ordered something online whether it was stationary or an outfit or a pair of shoes, and when they showed up you were just disappointed? Basic Invite assured me that wouldn’t happen. And it didn’t. But if you still need to see to believe (I see you, Type-A Mama), you can order a printed sample of your invitation and see exactly how it will print before your final order. So, for those major events where you want things to be perfect, like weddings, holiday parties, baby showers, etc., this is a huge bonus!

Also, remember how I said that cute little pink envelope was peeking out at me? Basic Invite also has somewhere around 40 different envelope colors to choose from to make whatever your mailing really stand out. Aaaand, because they know that licking envelopes is gross, all of their envelopes are peel and stick so your tongue won’t taste like nail polish. Yesss!

Now. For my favorite part. You ready for this?

What’s the hardest thing about sending out invitations and/or holiday cards? Rounding up the addresses, right? Blah. I hate that part. Welp. It’s all good, because Basic Invite has this address capturing thingy where you throw up a link on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, or any other form of social media and you ask your nearest and dearest to add their addresses right there. THEN, the addresses are stored on your account so you can select them when your designing away. Say whaaaat?! Seriously. How cool is that?

Oh! And you know how a lot of times you get charged extra to print the addresses on the envelopes (especially around the holidays)? During the holiday months they’ll print the addresses for free. Zilch. Nada. Nothin. What’s not to love about that?

I was looking through all their stuff just a few weeks ago, and my neighbor (whose daughter is about to graduate from high school) was hangin at my house. She fell in love with the graduation invitations and thank you cards, which are really big right now. She ended up ordering these adorable senior graduation invitations for her daughter along with these super cute graduation thank you cards to match. There are sooo many options to choose from, you guys (with allllll the colors), so if you’re in the market you gotta check ’em out. I threw in some pics of my favorites below, but you can see everything here. And if you see something you love, use this coupon code 15FF51 and you’ll receive 15% off your next order.

No matter what big event you have coming up, help bring back one of the little joys in life by sending out that special envelope to peek out amongst all the other junk. Keep it fun. Keep it Basic. Because, hey…

Ur a Mom Now.


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