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The Best Children’s Book Series That Will Show Them the World

Man, I get so excited when I get to share something awesome that I’ve come across, and today I’ve got something really great for ya!  Have you heard of the series, Good Night Books? I’ve seen them scattered here and there, but until recently I didn’t know how big the book series actually was. I’m just gonna dive right in and tell you what I love about these books.

1. Fun. Educational. Simple.

The magical thing about these books is they take something that may feel ordinary for children, and they amp it up to make it extraordinary and special.

Say you’re about to take a trip with your kids to somewhere that you know is going to be incredible. You get all jazzed up to share the great news and in your most excitable voice you say, “Hey! We’re going on a vacation to Hawaii!” However, your stellar news falls really short because they don’t really know how fabulous Hawaii actually is. And instead of jumping up and down with earth-shattering excitement, they just say back to you, “No, I wanna go to the playground.” That’s a direct quote from my child, by the way. But when I found the Good Night Hawaii book, I tried again and got a much better reaction.

Now, maybe you’re not taking a vacation. Maybe instead your family is about to move from one state to another. Or maybe you want your kids to love and appreciate the great city or state you currently live in. This sweet little series is all about capturing the big world we live in, and it’s done in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. Especially for children who are under the age of six.

Just so you know, there is a book for almost every state and major city (including some international locations, too).

2. The Genius Format

Alright, alright. You see that I’m about to talk about format and you may be tempted to skip on past, but hear me out.

Each book goes through an entire day with the use of greetings like, “Good morning,” “Good afternoon,” and “Good night.” Good Night Hawaii, for example, starts like this:

Good Morning, Pacific Ocean. Good Morning, humpback whales. Are we ready to share a wonderful day?

Then the book goes through special places or moments that might take place at that particular time of day. It subtly teaches children about the cycle of the day and about polite greetings and about the particular topic or location. It’s genius, I’m tellin’ ya!

Side Note: One of my new favorite things is asking that first question, “Are we ready to share a wonderful day,” and Gray eagerly replying “Yessss!” Which I’ve now started saying any time we leave the house.

3. It’s Not Just About Places

There are lots of other topics in this series, not just locations. There are books called Good Night New Baby, Good Night Little Brother, and Good Night Little Sister, which can all be helpful during the transition of a new family member. Keeping to the topic of family, perhaps Grandma is about to come visit. There’s a fun book for her, too!

Here’s something else fun.

Say you’re child is interested in outer space, mermaids, pirate ships, race cars, fairies, dinosaurs, birds, boats, animals in general, dancing, cowboys, bears, the coast guard, farms, fire engines, fish, airplanes, princesses, puppies, trains, whales, yoga, or going to the zoo. There are books for those!

You may not have plans to travel the world with your children, but maybe you’re planning a long weekend and heading to the lake, the mountains, or a nearby beach. There are books for those!

Maybe it’s Christmas. Or maybe it snowed and the kids spent the day playing in it. Maybe tomorrow is the first day of summer or the Fourth of July. Well, there are books for those, too!

So. Many. Options. And the illustrations are great!

4. The Conversations

This may be my last point, but it’s certainly my favorite. Some of the greatest conversations Gray and I have usually happen right before bed. These books are really tailored for winding down at the end of the day, and they really allow for some great convos. Just the other night we were reading the book Good Night Galaxy, and Gray had a lot of questions about the planets (Why are some bigger than others? Why can’t I see them? Do people live there?). I can’t say that my answers were all that great (maybe I need to freshen up on my galaxy knowledge), but good enough. Either way, it’s fun to watch his mind work.

We’ve also talked about why polar bears like the snow (Good Night Bears), the different types of race cars (Good Night Race Cars), and the cool red boat that we see when we take the ferry into the city (Good Night Coast Guard). I wasn’t expecting these small, 20-page books to really bring the world to life, but they do. And it’s amazing.

Click Here to Check Out Some Sample Pages from Different Books! 


We all know that books are such a perfect way for us to spend valuable time with our little people, and these books won’t let you down. Plus, you may find that you’re both learning some new things together, and that’s the fun part. Because hey…

Ur a Mom Now. 


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