img_3712.jpgHi! I’m Courtney.

I’m a former high-functioning, intelligent individual who–once upon a time–received a master’s degree in mental health counseling.

But now?

Well, now I suffer from mom brain on the daily, and my four-year old simply describes me as “happy, sad, and mad.” Which is actually spot on.

Besides that, though, I have a deep, ignited passion for connecting with other women and other moms, and learning more about the stories that each of us carries.

So…enter blog. My hope is that you will find this fun (with the right amount of serious), supportive, and super real, so that all you moms out there can see that even though this gig can be a bit lonely at times, none of us are alone.

Also, has anyone told you today how incredible you are? Well, guess what? You’re incredible. You’re smart and funny and people are happier when you’re around.

Even when you’re exhausted and cranky and want everyone in your family to stop touching you for one hot second, you’re incredible. And I’m glad you’re here.